Saturday, 9 November 2013

Our Angora babies!

It's sort of silly for compulsive travellers to end up with animals, we thought the best thing to do was foster the puppies and kittens of the area while the mothers take off for the day and feed the strays at our door step.

While we were on our last adventure we visited two Angora rabbit farms, I was hoping to find the soft fleece for some projects, instead we came back with two rabbits of our own, lucky there is no end to the list of people willing to look after these babies when we go next month for more travels. 
honestly, I couldn't help myself, they looked so sad and sweet in the cage on the commercial rabbit farm, we took two and left hundreds but at least these rabbits will taste freedom and meet loving people. 

This is the angora farm... poor honey bunnies!.


  1. Your Angora babies are beautiful and they look so happy in their new home :) I received the beautiful faerie flags from your giveaway and I want to thank you for brightening up my home! The flags will hang out in the trees in the spring I think, but until all the snows have come and gone this winter they are brightening my windows. Thank you!!!

  2. We've learnt the beauty of bunny love round here too. Wanted it to be angora bunnies, but we ended up with a sweet little dwarf bunny instead. She lives in the house, and has a massive cage outside, and comes to my feet for a pat. The most delightful, soft and cuddly little soul. And funny, when she plays and zips and zaps. I'm at the moment seriously contemplating trying to find some angora bunnies, and shave them in the tropical heat months to keep them comfortable, and make elaborate domes and tunnels and run around playgrounds outside for them. To both keep them safe, and give them as much freedom as possible. Bunny love is a very fine thing!


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