Sunday, 3 November 2013

Our Buddha, Fairy and Nomad dolls

What we are working on these days in The Yakery 
Tibetan woman
Tibetan Man
These are part of a series of 7 dolls inspired by the Himalayas... the fairy slipped in as fairies do! 
Next I'm thinking crafters of the world or mythical beings or an Indian series, i'm pondering these things as I run about catching the next doll idea that flitters about me like a butterfly swarm.

A few of the dolls in the Himalayan series are available at The Yakery now and considering the time, hand stitching and the completely natural materials of silk and cotton, they are really sweetly priced.
Joining up with Natural Suburbia!


  1. Star, they are just beautiful! I will buy one for Woeser for Losar. Thank you so much.
    I wonder about your day, how it starts, what you eat, where you do your washing? Can we have a glimpse into the day-to-day of a modern Tibetan/Australian nomadic woman living in India? Please xxx
    Love Katie x

    1. Well Katie I wrote about my day and no one commented and a few people left my blog so maybe I am disappointingly boring! :(

  2. Beautiful! What a perfect gift for littles!


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