Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Some hours after midnight on the 1st

I am happy enough to find solace during my short dips into the down, reveling in the shadows and making puppet show in the light glimmers, when it’s dark and deep I linger, for I can dance in the underground, it seems to be one of my merits.

And here I have been taking all the big questions on again, breathing them in, swallowing them down, breathing them out in a dark moon yoga nidra.

Radical change takes me places.

I remember once… the first time I stayed up until dawn and the strong morning light burnt my eyes and I drew the curtains in a tortured state, I prefer night swimming and gazing at the stars.

Every now and again when I resist all the perpetual survival modes and take a good look, strip of the labels that flutter around waiting to be pressed to skin, good this, bad that, capable, lucky, lost, loved… strip, strip, strip and stare as hard as I can at my nakedness I hope, I wonder, I know if I could be just truly who I am I might not be liked, but I would be free.

2014 what does that mean?

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  1. Dear Starr, I read your words last night and came back this morning to my clearer head! On this brand new day of this brand new year! I am astounded at your 'gift' for words! Deep and beautiful....
    Sometimes it seems our words sit in a solitary place, belonging only to us or maybe just a few more, our treasures perhaps go unread by the populous, who knows? One thing I know for sure, never let your gift go underground for it shines so brightly....

    Hugs and Happy New Year to you


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