Thursday, 23 January 2014

On catching rainbows!

"I heard there is a big stash of gold under the rainbows mum, this would be very useful don't you think? We should really check that out"... "and mum is it possible to catch some of the rainbows while we are there?"

I proceed to ramble on about fractured light, prisms, illusions, folk lore and rain, rather unskillful was my little mutterings.
For in my own life I have noted with an open heart and mind potentiality of phenomena can manifest in unbound ways.

Hence my tongue biting, when less then a day on I caught a wee sweet rainbow and for the moment our eyes met she received all the information she had really wanted to know.


  1. That's a beautiful post, thank you for sharing Faerymother. It is beautiful to have imagination
    In love and light

  2. I can hear Dakini's voice. I miss her. I miss you. Sending love across the rainbows, valleys and hills, Katie x


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