Wednesday, 1 January 2014


We move on from my family's house tomorrow, having been frolicing about in the energy of new country, new year, new ideas.
We are moving on to discover what our place in northern NSW is like.
We picked up a car, a baby seat and some camping beds today...
the house isn't furnished and i'm excited about the fresh canvas.
A practical energy has set in after the jet lag and generous time spent with my friends.
In between we have been creative, stringing up beautiful necklaces with the ancient turquoise we have.
My shop has become a rambling collection from my travels a tribute to the wonderful places i've been, the sale ends there tomorrow morning too!
Blessings on your days!

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  1. Your necklaces are stunning. There is such beauty to be found in nature. All we have to do is string it.


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