The Yakery

 I will be sharing my adventures of co-opening and overseeing The Yakery art gallery/ workshop/ cafe with you on my blog thats until it has it's own space up on the web, to be written about.

 I pour a lot of my creative energy and time into it.
 It is one of the biggest blessings of my life and being a dedicated crafter has enabled me to refine my skills and add wonderful techniques and experience to my repertoire!

The Yakery, is our dreams, skills, love of crafts, culture, friends, travel and social projects woven into together.

the project is in it’s formation stages we are serving toasted sandwiches on Japanese tables and plunging peppermint through little tin strainers, gentle street cows try to eat the potted flowers at the door while the neighbouring Buddhist monasteries play morning soundtracks of deep throat chants.

By the big glass windows, abundant in light and mountain air our 3 textile artists including my husband, create beautiful things using silks, felt and cottons and other gorgeous materials. This is more than a simple workshop, it’s a place of deep art exploration, and friendships that feel like family.

Local artisans from the surrounding areas have also found a place in the Yakery to display their fineries and feel part of an art community that has both traditional aspects and contemporary. One such visitor is Rinchen the man who makes the wooden knitting needles, he is in such demand by the locals and overseas collectors for his elaborate carving abilities that we suspect the real reason he comes and works with us, is for the company and friendly happy vibe.

The website is slowly taking shape but until then you can find a smattering of our offerings in our Etsy shop and follow along the adventure on facebook.

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