Global Gypsy Shop

  I grew up in a bohemian household, full of treasures from my parents 5 year pre children travels. Spanish leather riding boots and wooden soled clogs sat in closets amongst the Indian patchwork skirts, Afgani dresses and hand beaded crochet.
My mother would dress me in American Indian shifts and hand knits and take me to her yoga classes where I would drink tea with other woman of similar eclectic styles. I never got over it and deep in my heart lies the flower power fabric of the 1960/70’s, Sargent Pepper vests and beads from the silk road.

My shop Global Gypsy hunt and Gather
is a collection place for the treasures that I find along my way.
From the markets of Barcelona to the mountains of Tibet.

 My specialities are tribal jewellery of the Himalayas, henna stamps and unusual natural art supplies, I don’t limit my shop, you can find all sorts of beautiful things that have caught my eye or that I have made myself, such as the range of prayer flags I designed and print.

At all times I collect and make items in respect and love, my approach to buying ethnic goods is within a spirit of empowerment and fair exchange.

My Etsy shop can be found HERE
These are items amongst others that can be found in my shop!

For more information click HERE.
All shop photography is by me or my husband and the shop models are 
my daughter, friends and sometimes myself!

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