Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Heart land

On warm summer nights they dress in spiders lace and dance to the twilight orchestra.
Having a rest in a faerie (Dakini) rings 

Oh how I love the enchanted lands called Tibet.

My absence here and everywhere is accounted to those mountains, spectacular horizons and gentle people.

The sky seems ever so close, the stars went shooting and whizzing past my head, celestial light shows danced for me each night, the mountains top is a front row seat. I swear all that star dust settled upon me, as I sat on the window sill, with eyes looking up each evening way past the witching hour.

My unfortunate lack of adaption to such thin air left me rather floaty and unfocused but their is no better place to drift upon wisps than a place where time has little hold.

Our journey started in the summer place, a nomads camp, a valley of good grass, water and views. We were told the mountain spirits where pleased with our coming, sending down gentle rains upon our arrival. Mountain magic is very potent here and always respected, we were soon taught the laws of living amongst their imposing presence.

The nomads had been at camp almost 3 months when we got there and so we spent the remanding 2 weeks here with them, before the walk over the mountain range back to their homes and gardens of the winter place.

Here at the winter camp we watched as the summer took a quick decline into chilly nights and occasional snow storms, barley crops were harvested, yaks milked, cheese cooked daily and the everyday running and maintainance of an 'off grid" home powered by small turbines in the stream below with drinking water collected from a spring above.

We left Tibet over a month ago now and have since been caught up in retreats, family whirlwinds, ticket booking and itinerary planning. 
We are headed to Nepal on Wednesday for a few months and then back to my beloved India and studio where we can begin again our crafts and gypsy gathering ways.

Until then as I fall asleep I hear those dreamy Himalayan mountains calling my name.

No more Yak yogurt please!


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Gypsy Collection

Faerymother Shop is going on a holiday from now until the 1st of October!

Here is just a wee bit of the gypsy vintage collection that will be up when we get back!


Friday, 11 July 2014

Yellow Caravan

Here we are in a yellow caravan, having left our funky house on the community up north, when we departed I spent a while giving thanks to the faerie abode, deeply grateful for the rivers, cliffs and forests with a touch of sadness to leave the beautiful people of the area!

Dropping in on dear friends as we travelled down and coming here to another community one in which our hearts are aligned to it's deep meaning and resting a few days, we are settling our energies before the new adventure begins.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Upon a mountain!

4hrs trek through the enchanted old growth forest that takes you to the top of Mt Warning, this could have been a challenge for the little ones, but in full baby goat style they bounded rather energetically up the paths and particularly the rocky cliff face that is the hurdle before the vista of the top.

 Mountains have power that is tangible to those who are receptive, one can walk up a mountain and transform there mind, returning changed, moved from the stuck place they may have been in before, I know this is part of the possibilities and so I wondered if this Sacred place would reveal solutions or soothe some of the worries I have been having lately.
At the peak I sat down to rest, clear skies abounded and from this vintage point the lay of the land revealed itself a green blanket of forests and small hills flowing down towards the sea while a more dramatic range sliced into the west, the city of Brisbane looked a small but sinisterly grey sight on the horizon.
A blond woman approached me and sat down rather close, she was wearing a nettle fibre scarf the same one from my Yakery shop, hand spun & knit in Nepal from a small woman’s co-op… our conversation began.
She opened up and from her flow I learnt about her nomadic lifestyle spaning 27 years with multiply countries and countless experiences, of her traveller joys and challenges, we listened to each other describe the ways in which moving internationally effects your natural rhythms, how experiencing 2 winters or summers per year has it’s strange magic and how your subtle rhythms of body and mind which relate to a full years seasons and the wax and wane of sunlight are estranged.
The moon we both agreed is a sweet comfort for no matter where you go it’s celestial influence seems to remain the same.
She spent the last 9 months in Hawaii where she found herself falling in love with the island, deciding that she should stay a vision descended of herself as a giant white bird in mid flight whose claws couldn't find a landing as the powerful wings keep her afloat and moved her on in an up draft of energy and so she accepted her life was charmed to wonder about still and not long after she came here to Australia.

I always expected to find a sense of tribe in one place amongst a community of people living close, sharing life together, this thought has been replaced with the knowledge that tribe or community does not need the restriction of area or culture or even physical interaction, I find my community everywhere and most recently have began to recognise community in everyone.
Relating with people as kin has become rather simple; I find it’s more about giving friendship, sharing a story and being available if not in person than in spirit!

        With those thoughts I walked back down the mountain.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Our Yak Haired Tent!

Later next month we fly to Beijing where we will take in the city for a week before taking 2 flights and a 8 hour car ride high into the mountains of Tibet, a yak wool tent surrounded by snow caped peaks awaits us, this earthy abode will be home for 2 months while we dine on raw yak milk, yogurt and turnips, with talk of walnuts and dried apricots to sweeten things up.
 I have plans to do a meditation retreat in an old stone hut built into a mountain side, spin the soft wool from our heard of yaks with my new compact Ashford spinning wheel which should be in my hands by next week (Joy) and work on the completion of a charity project we started there last year. Its picnic season in Tibet, they make the most of the summer by having folk parties for 2 months amongst the wild flowers.

I have mixed feelings about the initial touchdown in China as you may imagine when considering the recent history of my husbands culture but I will go there much like I go anywhere, with an open mind! We will be picked up from the airport and driven around the sights, all is organised, hotels, translator, even restaurants which with fingers crossed have a few vegetarian options, I have recently watched the funny travel doco Idiot Abroad and his trip to Beijing eateries leaves me worried enough to take a big bag of healthy plant food snacks, when in doubt seaweed crackers and dark chocolate.

Usually we arrive in a country with a vague plan, nothing booked, clutching a friend or two’s phone number in case we get overwhelmed but this trip to Beijing is very unlike the way we do travel, this part of the adventure in China has been sponsored, so we will go with the organised flow.
The great wall, museums and other interests of the city are on the agenda and I hope to have at least a day to stalk some of the vintage, and antique shops that I have been researching with hope of collecting some much needed stock for my shop. On the way home after the 2 months in Tibet we will have a few days to free range the city and call on an Australian friend who is living in Beijing, I’m thinking he may give us a more local view of what is probably going to feel like a city of an overwhelming amount of people and their associated chaos.
Thousands of photos of Tibetan life will be added to our collection for a long term project, and much writing will take place about the experience of living amongst the mountains and people as the area we will go to has seldom been experienced by foreigners, I am hoping to use some of the photos in combination with my husbands traditional thangka art works; for a while we have been thinking on how to combine his amazing silk stitchery with my pictures and I’m sure this time in Tibet will be the perfect inspiration for that aspiration.
This will be the first time the kids and myself has met this side of the family my husbands mother, brother and sister and all the relatives, it is such a blessing of connection and learning for us all and will no doubt be an unforgettable experience all round, my heart is opened in anticipation.

May all be auspicious!