Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Deep in my hermitage in our faerie land forest...
I sometimes remember blog land like it was some magical kingdom that I would visit on my flying carpet, a place full of dream weavers, threads of mind connecting through the twilight skies, lovers draped in words and coloured in pixelated potential.

I am too wrapped up in clouds of mirror like solitude to be much of a companion to this play these days, the lush dark green forest has taken over my house and head. 
So consider this sweet friends a little postcard... I do remember you!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Vintage at the Beach

39 days in Australia with 16 days at the beach...
Children swimming, surfing and building sand things by the shore!
These beachy photos span 3 states.
My lovely friends and my own younger sister (curly blond hair) found new vocations away from their surfy endeavours for modelling my vintage and handmade wears. Thank you lovely beauties for what I think are my best photo shots yet and thank you to all those who have visited my shop and loved my things and kept our gypsy caravan a moving along these last 6 weeks.
Feeling grateful!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

On catching rainbows!

"I heard there is a big stash of gold under the rainbows mum, this would be very useful don't you think? We should really check that out"... "and mum is it possible to catch some of the rainbows while we are there?"

I proceed to ramble on about fractured light, prisms, illusions, folk lore and rain, rather unskillful was my little mutterings.
For in my own life I have noted with an open heart and mind potentiality of phenomena can manifest in unbound ways.

Hence my tongue biting, when less then a day on I caught a wee sweet rainbow and for the moment our eyes met she received all the information she had really wanted to know.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Our new place is lovely!

 We arrived and Oh yes! it's like a forest dream full of quite magic...  Yet 4 days later we took to the road (you probably know thats what we are like by now) and are visiting somewhere a few hours south of Sydney, practicing slow travel along the east coast, but that place oh with it's wooden-ness and tree friends and space is just what we need and in a few weeks after our meanderings we shall return to plant an Autumn garden and begin our art projects that we have been dreaming about.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


We move on from my family's house tomorrow, having been frolicing about in the energy of new country, new year, new ideas.
We are moving on to discover what our place in northern NSW is like.
We picked up a car, a baby seat and some camping beds today...
the house isn't furnished and i'm excited about the fresh canvas.
A practical energy has set in after the jet lag and generous time spent with my friends.
In between we have been creative, stringing up beautiful necklaces with the ancient turquoise we have.
My shop has become a rambling collection from my travels a tribute to the wonderful places i've been, the sale ends there tomorrow morning too!
Blessings on your days!

Joining in with Creative Friday

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Some hours after midnight on the 1st

I am happy enough to find solace during my short dips into the down, reveling in the shadows and making puppet show in the light glimmers, when it’s dark and deep I linger, for I can dance in the underground, it seems to be one of my merits.

And here I have been taking all the big questions on again, breathing them in, swallowing them down, breathing them out in a dark moon yoga nidra.

Radical change takes me places.

I remember once… the first time I stayed up until dawn and the strong morning light burnt my eyes and I drew the curtains in a tortured state, I prefer night swimming and gazing at the stars.

Every now and again when I resist all the perpetual survival modes and take a good look, strip of the labels that flutter around waiting to be pressed to skin, good this, bad that, capable, lucky, lost, loved… strip, strip, strip and stare as hard as I can at my nakedness I hope, I wonder, I know if I could be just truly who I am I might not be liked, but I would be free.

2014 what does that mean?

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Goodness, it's time to leave!

We leave India in less than 1 week... the emotions running through me are ones of appreciative love for this country and it's beauty, it has so much to offer in the understanding of life and it's myriad expressions, the last 1 year 1 month and 4 days has been much more than I could ever of hoped for and we have already booked our return tickets back here next year, such is our love affair. 
I kept you out of the adventurous loop for the last few months there really has been no time for sharing but let me just say the tread of our shoes have worn thin with the exotic miles covered, our heads are full of soul poetry and hearts blossoming with humble insight...
and maybe relaxed in the sultry Australian summer I can fill you in a bit!
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