Thursday, 12 February 2015

We have been through the desert

After successfully navigating the back lanes and losing hours crawling amongst dusty treasures from the Indian ages this small fry tribal treasure huntress abandoned the utterly exhausting negotiations of trade communications and fast diminishing coinage for the adventures of sand dunes and dusty camel cart dreams!

Gypsy encampment in the desert
People you see in the desert
The multi talented Dakini holding the reins
Waking up to the sandy morning

 For the last 12 months or so inspired by this woman stance on the futility of bra waring I have mostly abandoned the uncomfortable practice but adamantly recommend them for activities such as camel riding!

Tomorrow we ride trains across the country to the holy city of Varanasi!


  1. You look so beautiful on your grand adventure! What class! What style! What a way to travel!!!! Love it. And something I suspect only you could pull off with such panache :)

    So glad I inspired you to loose your beautiful bosoms too! And glad too that you're sensible enough to know when a bit of control is needed :))

    Love watching your adventures from afar.....

  2. it' been so long lovely woman wanderer. where are you all, emotionally and geographically?


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