Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Faerymother Greetings!

Hello dear readers, near 14 months since I last dropped in here.
I suppose no one expected me to show up again and you've all wondered away on adventures such as one does, to find new things, fresh stories, different worlds to enjoy!

The thing about gypsy types is they will show up again one day, it's like that and i'm sure you know a few of us, out of the blue people, Ruby Tuesday peeps.

To catch you up, although those of you who know us, can easily guess what we have been up to, raising my beautiful children, running my etsy shop  and traveling of course... always travelling!

So now here I am sitting in my Himalayan studio after spending the day foraging Rhododendron flowers from the beautiful trees 10km up a Himalayan mountain writing to let you know that i'm here and soon, or maybe later than sooner, I will be writing again, differently though and you might have to up and come with me over to a new space when the time comes, but yes I will be sharing and spreading my stories of treasure hunting, vintage finding, adventure having and raising children in the dynamic sometimes away with the faeries sort of way I do.

Love Love love
 Star Sarah


  1. Best of Happy Greetings to you and your global family! Very delighted to read your newst posting and hope that your hearts delight continues onward. I've very much enjoyed your occasional postings and photos that accompany your journeys. Taking time out to parent and enjoy your travels with your growing family is vital to continue to nourish yourselves and allow growth. I thank you for sharing your delightful spirit and stories with this blog whenever your muse calls. May you all find peace and joy together on your paths.

  2. I'm going to say a big 'here here!' to everything said above. I loved seeing the tantalising snippets and photos of your life, and the adventurous paths you take. And I look forward to reading anything at all, in whatever form, and wherever it leads :)


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