Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Heart land

On warm summer nights they dress in spiders lace and dance to the twilight orchestra.
Having a rest in a faerie (Dakini) rings 

Oh how I love the enchanted lands called Tibet.

My absence here and everywhere is accounted to those mountains, spectacular horizons and gentle people.

The sky seems ever so close, the stars went shooting and whizzing past my head, celestial light shows danced for me each night, the mountains top is a front row seat. I swear all that star dust settled upon me, as I sat on the window sill, with eyes looking up each evening way past the witching hour.

My unfortunate lack of adaption to such thin air left me rather floaty and unfocused but their is no better place to drift upon wisps than a place where time has little hold.

Our journey started in the summer place, a nomads camp, a valley of good grass, water and views. We were told the mountain spirits where pleased with our coming, sending down gentle rains upon our arrival. Mountain magic is very potent here and always respected, we were soon taught the laws of living amongst their imposing presence.

The nomads had been at camp almost 3 months when we got there and so we spent the remanding 2 weeks here with them, before the walk over the mountain range back to their homes and gardens of the winter place.

Here at the winter camp we watched as the summer took a quick decline into chilly nights and occasional snow storms, barley crops were harvested, yaks milked, cheese cooked daily and the everyday running and maintainance of an 'off grid" home powered by small turbines in the stream below with drinking water collected from a spring above.

We left Tibet over a month ago now and have since been caught up in retreats, family whirlwinds, ticket booking and itinerary planning. 
We are headed to Nepal on Wednesday for a few months and then back to my beloved India and studio where we can begin again our crafts and gypsy gathering ways.

Until then as I fall asleep I hear those dreamy Himalayan mountains calling my name.

No more Yak yogurt please!



  1. Just gorgeous!! Truly stunning photos!!! So glad that your journey was so amazing :)

  2. Wow! This looks like an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful! The colors are stunning. The life sounds so peaceful.


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