Thursday, 11 April 2013

European Vintage Collection.

The opportunities presented well lately, to acquire some items for my shop.
  In comparison to hunting vintage in Australia, 
I would generally put Europe above in most things but the price. 
The quality and interest factor of some of the jumbled piles of things I fumbled upon, oh my! 
Mostly my small budget couldn't stretch around it, but I did pick up these vintage pieces and some more I haven't photographed yet, which are very much the sort of things I would buy for myself, if I was in a situation where I had need for them. 
These and more items will grace my shop, some are already there and the rest will come in the next few days.

I havent yet got into the blood and sparkle of the adventures we had in Europe, I have an unschoolers account, a vintage hunters account, family on a budget account, and a buddhist gypsy account to share yet. 

You may of noticed I didn't show up here that much during that time, there was some logistical problems to accessing my blog on the road but generally, I have been shy of it and wondering if I should bother anymore... to be honest, this post replaces a closing down piece I had planned for this entry.
It was a good deep hearty piece and in away, I am sad not to use it, although I'm not completely decided that I wont yet.

I do love these pictures, mostly taken on our roof of the house we were given in Sant Andria De Besos Barcelona 
and when the items eventually sell, I will have these photo's as memory of my European hunt and gatherings.


  1. Oh please don't stop!!! So many bloggers are falling of their blogging perches, and yours is so sublime.....visually and spiritually rich and beautiful and fantastical. I love your nomadic gypsy heart that keeps taking you through all these incredible landscapes, both inside and out, and the perspectives you bring from those places. Even when you're not enjoying being a nomadic gypsy, and wish that you could inhabit a very small and orderly space with a whiff of country air. I love the beauty you capture with your photos, and the glimpses of your loved one, and your talent in all areas that shines.

    "Please don't go! We'll eat you up we love you so!" said the wild things to the gyspy.

    1. Oh how can I leave now, wild thing quote and all,

      "and it was still warm"

  2. I agree with Hellena, of course sometimes people just have to follow their inclinations, but you have a beautiful talent for words and imagery and not least your fascinating life that many of us would like to experience, reason enough to carry on! Blessings to you and your little family. x

    1. Thank you, yes I will stay and play at least for a little while. x

  3. Darling Star, these pictures are wonderful. I love your finds.
    I decided to leave my blog. Although my little Rosie said I must not delete it. So there it sits.
    I want to journey inward, and concentrate on peace and healing the earth (and although my blog wasn't stopping me, somehow it wasn't helping me!).
    Bundles of love to you beautiful lady.

  4. There is much wisdom in your words I am happy you know whats best for you but Rosie's right leave it and maybe one day it will call you back xxx see you around in other places then.x


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