Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What I found antique hunting!

1. Blue turquoise on copper 
2. Tribal bells, crescent moon gypsy earrings
3. Black stone filigree cloud necklace
4. Newari traditional coral and copper ring (SOLD)

In the shop


  1. Just beautiful Star. How lovely for. I love your new intro. It sounds like you've found your dharma. Enjoy your travel life. I'm certainly enjoying it immensely.Oh and don't know if I missed it but why the fiddlesticks? Love as always, Katie xxx

  2. Thanks Katie, fiddlesticks for a change and my Knitting needles and ability to live in unreality xxx

  3. Sew u needed to add jewellery to make sure i'd come? ha ha! :)

  4. Did you add treasure hunting to this magick mix just to make sure I'd come? :) can't wait to be there precious. Love the new parasol photo. X

  5. Thanks Ellen It was for you of course. Welcome


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