Sunday, 21 July 2013

Global Gypsy hunt and gatherer!

It's been a busy week, after writing here last time of our new venture, I decided to get on with the sharing and open up part of this world publicly.

It's been fun, with lots of well wishes and people popping up out of the blue to encourage me.
have a look if you like here!
In between time, I have been listing more things in the faerymother shop, most of the items are from Europe with a few from Nepal and India...
I keep stumbling upon treasure chests of jaw dropping items and am wondering if i should invest!
Have you ever happened to read Apron Thrifty Girl's blog, a few years ago when I first found her site I was inspired by the thrifting journey and watched her turn a mildly successful undertaking into an amazing dynamic business.
Sometimes I wonder if I too could become a thrifting vintage and small antiques lady on a grander scale, I certainly have the conditions to do so.

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  1. Ahhhh!! The robe is awesome!!! Can you imagine the photoshoots w/ it...Looks like you had fun.


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