Sunday, 15 June 2014

Winters Windows

Somewhere amongst all this travel and flow of the last few years a space has begun to edge it’s way in and grow like creeping ivy around the fullness of our nomadic lives, it seems to say it is time to start looking for home.
It may just be a seed that sprouted when the weather turned from days full of sunrays to cloudy, cold and dark in which the house stays in the shadows to just before noon, officially it's still autumn be we shiver like it's winter.
Or it maybe that in an area like this, even the most stubborn hermit seems powerless against the charms of gathering, connection and community… I have tried to balance the activity but am lured out of my snuggle zone by all manner of get togethers, adventures and causes… It’s a wonderful place for social indulgence but on the flip side I haven’t been getting all that much done.
It could also be that a full schedule of travel is looming rather suddenly, one that sees us transverse the globe like bees in a flower garden and need for a homely hive will be pushed to the back draws of our mind in wake and ware of our Gypsy addresses.
We have some pretty big adventures to do first, it seems!


  1. Enjoyed reading the interesting story, thank you for sharing
    In loving light

  2. I'm here waiting for the reveal! x


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