Sunday, 29 June 2014

Upon a mountain!

4hrs trek through the enchanted old growth forest that takes you to the top of Mt Warning, this could have been a challenge for the little ones, but in full baby goat style they bounded rather energetically up the paths and particularly the rocky cliff face that is the hurdle before the vista of the top.

 Mountains have power that is tangible to those who are receptive, one can walk up a mountain and transform there mind, returning changed, moved from the stuck place they may have been in before, I know this is part of the possibilities and so I wondered if this Sacred place would reveal solutions or soothe some of the worries I have been having lately.
At the peak I sat down to rest, clear skies abounded and from this vintage point the lay of the land revealed itself a green blanket of forests and small hills flowing down towards the sea while a more dramatic range sliced into the west, the city of Brisbane looked a small but sinisterly grey sight on the horizon.
A blond woman approached me and sat down rather close, she was wearing a nettle fibre scarf the same one from my Yakery shop, hand spun & knit in Nepal from a small woman’s co-op… our conversation began.
She opened up and from her flow I learnt about her nomadic lifestyle spaning 27 years with multiply countries and countless experiences, of her traveller joys and challenges, we listened to each other describe the ways in which moving internationally effects your natural rhythms, how experiencing 2 winters or summers per year has it’s strange magic and how your subtle rhythms of body and mind which relate to a full years seasons and the wax and wane of sunlight are estranged.
The moon we both agreed is a sweet comfort for no matter where you go it’s celestial influence seems to remain the same.
She spent the last 9 months in Hawaii where she found herself falling in love with the island, deciding that she should stay a vision descended of herself as a giant white bird in mid flight whose claws couldn't find a landing as the powerful wings keep her afloat and moved her on in an up draft of energy and so she accepted her life was charmed to wonder about still and not long after she came here to Australia.

I always expected to find a sense of tribe in one place amongst a community of people living close, sharing life together, this thought has been replaced with the knowledge that tribe or community does not need the restriction of area or culture or even physical interaction, I find my community everywhere and most recently have began to recognise community in everyone.
Relating with people as kin has become rather simple; I find it’s more about giving friendship, sharing a story and being available if not in person than in spirit!

        With those thoughts I walked back down the mountain.


  1. This is so beautifully thoughtful.....what a lovely blog you have.....I will look forward to your adventures in China & Tibet....may they be most auspicious.

  2. Thanks for sharing this insight Starr... I have had the same feeling and awareness come over me, since moving. As you know I have gone through many emotions with finding what I had envisioned as "community"- and also just returned from a mountain sister, yesterday... well, I live on one too - but anyway, I came across the woman I told you about (or wrote about) that was the only one who had fully opened up to me and that I vibed out with, I crossed paths with her yesterday. It was so awesome to find her again. And in that moment even though we were both happy to see each other, my point is that, when I come across people like that who we instantly feel the tribal connection with- there is not the same energy of desperateness to stay together or make future plans... It's like an ease and we trust that we will be in each others presence when the universe puts us together... I felt that. One of my daily meditations on my personal awareness while going out of my home is to see my reflection in everyone. (online or in my visions as well.) And by that I mean that I see the spirit of each person and animal and plant, and I feel that even beyond those kingdoms as well, in other realms I find the connection of us all together as ONE community, and that makes me feel so much joy to live like that, rather to separate us humans from who we feel we belong to and who are 'not like us' or whatever... I get it. I love that you had these ideas to share, and that woman's dream is powerful for me in many ways to resonate with. Bless you sister. Love you so much.

  3. I love that you met this lady on the mountain top... I love that she was wearing a nettle fibre scarf from Nepal, oh the synchronicity!
    I feel community in you... much love.x


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